From the cabinetmaker design tradition it has been custom to hide the end of the 
wood. So much so that, even what we now consider beautiful details like, 
different kind of splice and lap joints, the end wood are most often hidden. 
In recent years designers and furniture makers have made joints like this visible. 
It has become beautiful honest details and often a sign of good craftsmanship. 
In this furniture the joints are highly visible but the end wood invisible. 
My furniture designs are often organic and complex. This time I set out to make a 
very minimalistic type of furniture where the old Japanese style three-way miter 
joint becomes the main ingredient. 
Why The Daltons? 
During the creating process of my design the furniture usually comes to life and 
for me develops a personality.
When I was photographing the prototypes of these stools, I immediately saw the 
resemblance. I have always been a fan of Belgian cartoons and the creator of 
Lucky Luke, Maurice De Bevere is one of my favorites. The Dalton brothers from 
this cartoon are also quiet simple although in a different manner.  (Some of them 
also like to hang out in bars).Early_stuff.html
Daltons 2014